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go: `:=` operator causes accidental shadowing

January 14, 2016 , posted in go

Go provides := operator to make declaring variables easier. It is a shorthand to declare and set a value of a variable. for example,

can be written as

But if not careful, this can accidently shadow variable bindings. Let’s look at the fictitious piece of code.

This produces following output

value of x:  42

While, this following piece of code will fail to compile


prog.go:12: x redeclared in this block
    previous declaration at prog.go:10

So we can see that the operator is somewhat intelligent, and does not redeclare the variables.

Now what if we push it down a scope? See the following code

This produces,

At line: 16, since the immediate scope (line:15-32) does not have variable x declared, := is redeclaring the variable. a.k.a the variable x gets shadowed.

Only workaround I can think of is not to use :=, i.e change the code to

If you know something better let me know.