A Random rant

/me sets +rant

Yesterday, Found an old portable hard disk in the attic. Face lights up. Connect to computer, doesnt work. The connection probabaly fried. Its probabaly the connector, HDD internally uses a SATA bus.

I know what to do, lets oopen the server box and connect to the motherboard. Can’t find any SATA cable. find sata ~house

Finally hard disk plugged in, FreeBSD boots. dmesg shows everything is alright, except ext4. #sigh

Somebody suggests fuse. Alright, thats it then. Compile, kldld and booyeah!

Okay, its full of photos from past. Wow! I need to see them, lets share it to something with a monitor. That’d be my mac. sshfs? Sorry dude, you need the whole XCode suite and should sacrifice an extra kidney to load unsigned kexts.

But there are other ways of sharing files. SMB FTW!

Why the fuck are there three samba versions in ports. cd /usr/ports/samba$(random_ver)

Okay, samba is setup and mounted, tears

Nooo - I can’t access the hard disk. Why? huh perms fucking perms!

I got this! gonna chmod the shit out, but except… it doesn’t work. What the fuck does not implemented mean?

JFGI. JFGI POints to ext4 code - ext4 fuse is strictly read only. (facepalm)

Story still continues…