State of Terminal: 2015 Edition

I do this every year to keep track of the changes in my style. This is the first that goes public though

  • I’ve moved to a Macbook air 2013 edition as my primary laptop (a work perk, thanks @plivo).
  • Emacs is the primary editor - I use el-get to manage my emacs packages (my init.el is hosted here), I also use mg heavily while I’m inside a terminal.
  • iTerm2 for terminal. (My cheetsheet for for iterm is availabe here)
  • zsh for shell, with antigen managing plugins and dependencies.
  • vagrant for VMs, I tried using docker with boot2docker, but my needs are diffrent. I just need a linux box that runs all the time.
  • Spectacle to manage windows. (Yes, I do miss Xmonad and i3)
  • Firefox is the primary browser, sometimes chromium running for some special sites and tasks.
  • Todoist is a great app to track todo lists, and the concept of gaming the task completion frequency and awarding points is a joy!
  • Evernote everything goes inside this.
  • KeePassX manages all my passwords.
  • Tarsnap for backups, nuff said.