Rooting a nexus 7

Lot of posts in the web about this is just bogus, all of them want you to download a fat rootkit and click on the root.exe :-/

Being a developer device, rooting nexus 7 is easy.

  1. Gain developer privilege (figure out yourself :-P)
  2. Reboot to bootloader
$ adb reboot bootloader
  1. Unlock the bootloader
$ fastboot oem unlock # Might have to be the superuser.
  1. Download the recovery image for device from here and flash it
$ fastboot flash recovery
  1. Get the superuser binary.
  2. Reboot the device and put it in the sdcard (or any storage you have,)
  3. Reboot to the recovery and flash it.
 $ adb reboot recovery

Note: People suggested using this to keep root priviliges after OTA -