NetBSD Chronicles.

To be frank I wasn’t doing much for almost an year, got lazy as one can ever be. Today was the day to break it. Got a little push do something and I got down to do it. I was looking at BSD development for a long time, and thought this is the best time to get involved. I am a total noob at BSD, I never really used one. So it was challenging when I started to install NetBSD into an old Comapq nx6120 that was lying around. I know anyone could get to the root shell easily, with help from brilliant click and go installers, configuring and customizing was the real problem.

Its 0300 now, and I got my laptop running NetBSD 6.0, and connected to wireless (easier than I thought - thanks to legacy hardware.)

Configuring Intel PRO/Wireless

** **Unlike linux, BSD can include all the microcode (firmware) in the distribution itself, due the flexibility of licensing system. Reading up iwi(4) reveals youve to accept the EULA by setting the sysctl variable hw.iwi.accept_eula to 1

# sysctl -w hw.iwi.accept_eula=1

The university wireless is open, so I didnt had to mess too much.

# ifconfig ssid "SSID" iwi0 dhclient iwi0